BEST’s 2022 Social Security &
Medicare Reference Guide

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Our Reference Guide includes the following:

  • Social Security income limits
  • Credits (Quarters of coverage)
  • Medicare Surtaxes PIA formulas
  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)
  • Estimated Average Monthly Social Security Benefits
    Payable in January 2019
  • Maximum Social Security Benefit
  • OASDI + Medicare (HI) Tax Rate
  • Maximum Taxable Earnings
  • SSDI Thresholds
  • Retirement Earnings Test Exempt Amounts
  • Medicare Parts A-D deductibles and premiums
  • Medicare Supplemental Policies
  • Medicare Enrollment Periods
  • Medicare Surtaxes tax on earned wages
  • 3.8% Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax on Net Investment Income (NII)
  • To Estimate a Taxpayer's Liability for the 3.8% Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax

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