BEST's Super CE Program
We Give Advisors a Lot of Credit!

What is Super CE?

Super CE is a combination of two approved Continuing Education (CE) courses:

Super CE is designed to expand advisors’ knowledge on a specific subject and prepare them to take the Self-Study/Correspondence course examination.

By participating in Super CE, advisors are generally able to earn more CE credit for the time they invest than would otherwise be available through participation in traditional classroom and online offerings.

How a Super CE Program Works

Prior to the Super CE program, advisors will pre-register online and download the approved Self-Study/Correspondence course materials. Advisors are required to read and review the course materials before attending, to prepare for the examination given at the conclusion of the program. In order to receive CE credit, advisors must receive a passing grade of 70% or higher on the examination.

Note: The states of New York and North Carolina require that advisors must receive the course materials at least seven days prior to the examination.

Why Super CE Adds Value

How to Schedule a Super CE Program

Super CE requires a minimum of two hours. You can choose to schedule a program as follows:

Note: The state of New York requires that advisors must receive the course materials at least 7 days prior to the examination.

  1. Back-to-back – Live CE classroom course followed immediately with the Self-Study/Correspondence examination.
    (The 2-hour slot can be scheduled on the first day of the meeting or the last day of the meeting).
  2. Split day – Classroom prior to General Session (e.g., 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM prior to the opening of the General Session) and then Self-Study/Correspondence examination after the General Session (5:15 PM -6:15 PM - after the General Session ends for the day).

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What Advisors Say...

“Thanks! This was the most enjoyable CE I’ve completed in my over 14+ years as an advisor. I’ll be back.” ~ Raymond James Advisor

“I didn’t even need the CE, but took the class to expand my knowledge and understanding. Thank you BEST.” ~ Merrill Lynch Advisor

“Productive & effective use of time in meeting Continuing Education requirements.” 
~ Wells Fargo Advisor


“BEST has perfected the Super CE program!” 
~ Morgan Stanley Advisor

“Productive & effective use of time in meeting Continuing Education requirements.” 
~ Wells Fargo Advisor








Course Pairings

Super CE programs currently offer several Self-Study/Correspondence courses, each of which may be paired with one to three (1-3) different classroom courses. (A comprehensive list of all course pairings and CE credit hours are available upon request.)

Speaker, Trainer and Author

Edward J. Barrett, Nationally Renowned Speaker, Trainer and Author, is available for live, in-person presentations for your conferences or private company events. (Please note that if Ed is already booked or unavailable, we have several qualified and approved instructors available for booking.)